Hi, I’m Jason Bagley.

I’ve built a few businesses. Some failed, some were acquired. Now? I’m starting to build again.

Since 2009, I’ve pretty much been talking about the power of email ever since I started my first agency, Whitespace.

Firing Squad, the 2nd business I built, was where my email game really took off. We focused firstly on email marketing before email lead generation became one of the big reasons why Firing Squad was acquired by SiteCare in June 2020.

At the end of April 2022, after just under 2 amazing years as the VP of Digital Strategy at SiteCare, it was time to say move on and flex my business building muscles again. What am I building you ask? All will be revealed once I figure that out myself.

Along my entrepreneurial journey, I also co-founded HumanWrit.es, a social innovation startup that design and manufacture notebooks that for every notebook purchased, gave away storybooks to kids in need. I successfully exited HumanWrit.es in 2016 having donated well over 50 000 storybooks in my time as a co-founder.

Currency Converter Chrome extension

A little project I’m building in my spare time is Click Currency.

It’s a browser extension that allows you to right-click on a number and in the right-click menu it will show the converted amount in your preferred currency.

I’m an EO member, a public speaker and have done some pretty interesting things that you can find on my bucket list. Mostly though, I’m just a dad to Eva & Cruz and a husband to Karina.

You can also find me on Twitter and if you want to email me, send me something to jason@jasonbagley.com.


Jason Bagley